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rip jimmy, thinking of u adam, kim, georgina n amy  / Hay (friend)

hi adam, things have been so sad for s.t.m this year. just seems like one thing after another. havent stopped thinking about poor little jimmy and its brought back memories of u and kim.

please look after everyone at the school, especially jimmys family, sian and my little brother aswell. also all our friends and family.

cant wait to see u all again, until then i'll keep writing to you.

lots of love, hay x

thinking of u  / Hayley (friend)

hi ad, how r ya? was thinking of u and kim last nite (like most nights). i miss u both loads and there isnt a day that goes by without one of u poping into my head! i know ur always there for me and sometimes when im upset or stressed i just know that either u or kim is there with me. say hi to kim for me, i love and miss u both loads! please look after everyone over xmas and new year. 
if i dont write before xmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS! speak to u soon, lots of love xx

(ps. i hope u like the pink text! hehe!)

New year  / Jenna Scott (another grieving sibling )
Thinking of you and your family and I hope for all of them 2006 will be slighly easier to cope with. Your family miss you so much. Your mum and dad are lovely and your sister Sian is beautiful look after them as they try to get through life without you. :-)
Missing piece  / Vicki Stewart (friend)
Adam ,

Every day I think about what you meant to me. It feels like a piece of me is missing. I miss you more than words can express. I've got noone to give love advice to now, what is a girl to do. You would be so proud of Sian, she's turning into a very beautiful, smart young lady who George Adam absolutely adores. She's going to be bridesmaid at mine and Alan's wedding. I really wish you could be here to enjoy that day with us, i know you're looking down on us and smiling.

I'll love you forever and always

Your friend

Thinking of You.  / Holly McQuarrie (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking of You.  / Holly McQuarrie (Friend)
Its my 19th birthday and I'm in my room at uni and its 2.30am! I was just thinking of you, and so I thought I'd write something on here as I've wanted to for ages.
I just want you to know that you are always in my thoughts, barely a day goes by when you don't suddenly flash into my mind, sometimes only for a few seconds, but your always there and I'll never forget you.

I remember the last time I saw you, it was at Claire Broughton's party, I hadn't seen you in a while before that and it was so lovely to see you there.You seemed so happy and were looking forward to starting college again after the summer. As usual you were the life and soul of the party and made me laugh the whole time I was there. Now whenever I'm at a party I always think how much better it would be if you were here.  I see Dave and all the lads you used to hang around with  and it reminds me of you and it seems strange that you aren't there too with your amazing smile, making everyone laugh. 

Remember my party after the prom? I didnt see you and Dave with fewer than two cans of beer in your hands the whole time you were there (and you didnt leave until after eight the next morning!) I remember you both telling me that you had to go because you were playing rugby at 11 that day, and thinking to myself 'they'll never get home and ready in time'. I was right! Next time I saw you you told me that you had fallen asleep on the stairs outside Daves because you didnt want to wake anyone up by knocking on the door early in the morning!

I have sooo many hilarious memories of you from Thomas More. You and Dave dressed as fairies at Christmas. When you sprayed that mint breath freshener in your eyes and ran up and down the corridor saying to people 'Smell my eyes, smell my eyes - they're minty fresh!' And when we used to muck about in science and pour test tubes of water over each other, and you used to melt my biros in the bunsen burner, and make flame throwers out of the gas-taps! And in year seven when you pioneered a system of getting away without doing Mr Russell's science homework by moving to a different bench (usually mine - the last bench to be checked)
while he checked the homework of the people on your bench. It proved to be very useful to me! And me, you, Sophie and Hannah in year 11 - making up all the results for our science coursework because we'd been joking around or chatting throughout the practicals and had no results to speak of!

You are truely amazing Adam and you've touched the lives of so many people. You have left an unfillabe hole in the lives of everyone who knew you. You will never be forgotten. You always knew what to say to cheer me up when I was down, and what a charmer! Hahaha! Even now just thinking of your smile cheers me up as it always used to. I know that you are always here with me and all your friends in whatever we do, and I thank you for bringing so much to my life.

Missing you loads. Can't wait to see you again, love always,

Holly, (Scotland) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Always missing you  / Alan Bacon (Friend)  Read >>
Always missing you  / Alan Bacon (Friend)
I'm missing you ad, Its strange the stuff I like to remember, like when we are playing for brockleians I remember you winding up one of the massive opposition forwards who pinned you down and you still laughted at him, only for me and him to end up in a fight or getting a letter from colfes leisure centre asking for me for a reference for you, strange I know. But I wish you were here now to see my little boy george who we named his middle name after you or to have seen how proud you would have been of what we have done with the Kent Ravens now as I know how hard a decision for you back then was as you worked hard to get the Greenwich number 7 shirt. Missing you always mate, Alan xxx Close
Adam is Gone  / Sian (Lil Sis )  Read >>
Adam is Gone  / Sian (Lil Sis )
I remember the day
when you took him away

I remember the time
when my world stopped still

I remember when my heart
split into two

Because Adam is gone
so he could be with you

Many memories left
for us to recall

But we just so wish,
wish there were more

It's going to be hard
but we have to go on

Now that Adam........
Adam is gone. Close
Ill always miss you xxx  / Laura (friend)  Read >>
Ill always miss you xxx  / Laura (friend)
Ads, well as the year approaches i still cant believe you have gone, i think of you each day, and i know you are makign the best angel and making so many other angels happy just as you made all your friends and family here happy. i will never forget you, coz after all how could u forget ads? you were soo full of life, so bubbly and always up for a laugh- just a lovely person.
I will never forget all our laughs, i rememeber me and hannah called u MADA coz it was your name backwards. You were soo sweet. all those times up the park , i remember u pouring beer on my head hahaha typical ads but im surprised you wasted beer like that, and i also remember u making me dance with u in the park while u sung a song haha?i remember when we went round together it was usually me u and hannah or me u and sarah... we must have giggled the whole day... your one of the only people that someone could meet for 5 minutes and never forget u, u have that characteristic that makes u so special and makes everyone around u love u.
You are making the perfect angel up there ,i just hope you are lookign down on all your friends and family as eveyone struggles to cope without u.,
You defenitely lived life to the full and you were always makign the most of life, always having a laugh.Every moment i was with you, i had a  smile on my face and so did everyone else and i thankyou so much for comign into my life ads and sharing that precious time that we did, i will never forget u as a friend... 
i hope you continue to look down on us all and help all your friends and family through the difficult  times. You really are an angel and everyone loves you ads and always will... Thankyou xxxxxx
Love ya xxxx

Still miss you  / Natalie Parr (Friend)  Read >>
Still miss you  / Natalie Parr (Friend)
Hey ad its been a while.Just had time to read through all the fond memories people shared with you.Still miss you everyday and some mornings i find it hard to believe that you are not here with us, i sit for ages with a picture of you in my hand just reminiscing of the times we had shared together,you were the one boy who meant a lot to me! I hope you had a good birthday, me and jodie were their to help you celebrate your special day..just a shame you werent there to have a drink with us..but knowing you i bet you had a great time! Thinking of you all the time. Look after yourself and dont get into too much mischief love ya mwah x x x x Close
miss u loads  / A. Friend (friend)  Read >>
miss u loads  / A. Friend (friend)
just ahve to write a little message on your birthday. u were such a gr8 guy, and i love love u loads. miss our chats and laughs. we could talk about anything and u could always make me laugh.

thanks for makign things bearable.

xxxxxxx Close
thinking of you all  / Debbie Bucknell (visitor)  Read >>
thinking of you all  / Debbie Bucknell (visitor)
wanted to let you know that i am thinking of you all today, on adams 18th birthday, i know every day will still be so hard without adam, but there birthdays are there special day, and adam should be there with you getting ready to celebrate spending his birthday with those that love him so much. i hope you can find some comfort knowing that adam touched the hearts of so many even strangers that had never met him, he's certainly touched my heart, i am sending adam a balloon today, and i hope he's having lots of fun with jamie and all his angel friends.
lots of love debbie

do u want a chewing gum?  / Hayley Stitt (friend)  Read >>
do u want a chewing gum?  / Hayley Stitt (friend)

nearly your 18th birthday! i hope u have a great big party up in heaven, just make sure you dont get as drunk as u did prom night! i miss u so much adam, its right what sophie said, everything reminds me of u! like the B16 and sainsburys car park! i remember when me and han used to go and sit on the floor near the car park during the summer and talk for hours about you and declan!! they were the days! and all the laughs we had up fairy hill park, that was the best summer of my life.

i'll never forget when i got the call from richard, i still find it hard to believe. even now when i go to a party i always think, where's adam? but i know u r always going to be with us and watching us.

u were such a funny person ad, with ur cheeky lil smile that got u out of trouble and no one could help but love u and forgive u. u have changed my life and there isn't a night that goes by that i don't pray for you and kim. i have bought a bracelet with two angels on it and when people ask me what it means, i always tell them that it's adam and kim, my two quardian angels, always protecting and looking after me.

you have made me realise that life is too short for what if's, u just need to follow your heart and never regret a thing because learning from experiences makes u who u r.

i'll never forget when all the girls fancied you in year 7 and i was privaliged enough to be your girlfriend for a whole DAY! and the only thing i said to you after school that day was 'do you want a chewing gum?' hahaha!! we still used to laugh about it in year 11!

i found it really hard to write this because reading what everyone else wrote was making me really sad, but now im sitting here not knowing when to stop, laughing to myself about all the good times we shared! i miss and love u ad, and all i can say is thank you for being the person u are.

look after us and especially your family...

all my love forever,
hayley (stitty) xxxx

cant wait to see you again

Poem to go with photo - Adam and snowman-January 1990  / Auntie Pam (Auntie)  Read >>
Poem to go with photo - Adam and snowman-January 1990  / Auntie Pam (Auntie)
I know the snow will make you cry,
and others may well wonder why?
but we both know the gleeful joy,
the sight of snow can bring a boy!

  To Julie From Pam

               (February 2005) Close
My mate Adam  / Andrew Bolter (Friend)  Read >>
My mate Adam  / Andrew Bolter (Friend)

My mate Adam.
I've been wanting to write this for ages, but found it hard to find the words. There is no easy way to think of you, and begin to understand how much you are missed.I always remember the first time I spoke to you, in F.T in year seven. We were eleven, seems so long ago, You made me laugh from the first minute we spoke to the last. Your crazy and fun-loving personality was so good to be around and to have known. I think of the chats we had, mainly about girls (no names) and football. (always a likeable subject). You were one in a million Adam, always will be. I remember the time in p.e when we did the 12 minute run, I was leading and you were at my heels determined to beat me, and you succeded!!, you always talking so enthusiatically about rugby and me trying to follow you, you always patiently stopping to explain the rules! You leave me with so many great and loving memories. The only words to describe you, Ad you are 'the best'. Now you have left my life and left a whole that will never be filled. I know that one day we will get together. I visit your grave and try to figure all this out, still do not believe that you are not with us. I miss you so much. So rest in peace my mate Ad, you are always in my heart. All I can do is think of you, untill the day we meet again.


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